Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The DNV top 13, Index Funds

I've gone through the S&P500 and haphazardly selected 13 public companies that are Decidedly Not Vegan (or DNV). To be clear, this process is somewhat error prone. Regardless, it's a starting point:

CMG Chipotle Mexican Grill (beef, pork, dairy, chicken)
CAG ConAgra Foods: (slim jims, beef and chicken products, egg products)
COH Coach, Inc. (leather)
DRI Darded Restaurants (Longhorn Steakhouse, others)
DF Dean Foods (Big Dairy)
EL Estee Lauder (animal testing)
HRL Hormel (SPAM)
KRFT Kraft (cheese)
TSN Tyson (chicken, pork)
PG Procter & Gamble (animal testing)
MDLZ Mondelez (a.k.a. Kraft, dairy foods)
MCD McDonalds (need I say more?)
YUM Yum! Brands (Kentucky Fried Chicken, etc.)

Since these are in the S&P 500, they're in most domestic stock index funds. That means they're probably in your 401k. For example, if you're invested in any of the following mutual funds, you're invested in all of these companies:
  • Vanguard S&P 500 Index fund
  • Vanguard Total Stock Market Index fund
  • all Vanguard Target Retirement funds
  • Fidelity Spartan 500 Index fund
So if you care beyond just the return on your investments, but also about the sort of work your money is doing, you may refer to Vegan Investing lesson 1: Broad-based stock market index funds aren't.

This doesn't mean all index funds are DNV, just the broad-based stock ones. Is a treasury bond index fund DNV? No. You're probably also avoiding DNV companies in many sector-specific funds: health care, technology, financials, or precious metals, for example.


  1. Treasury bond index huh? Animal agriculture (90% of which is factory farming) is the most largely subsidized industry in the United States. U. S. Treasury bonds are just about the most "unvegan" thing on the planet

    1. That's a good point. Would that not also implicate the taxes that we pay?

  2. In addition, "Sector" funds like healthcare and finance? These are some of the most unethical companies in the world. Vegan or not, we're all human beings, aren't we?

    1. "DNV" is not meant to be an exhaustive list. However, I'd like to remain neutral on the question of healthcare and finance, as those are industries unrelated to animals, and where there is not widespread consensus on the benefit vs harm.

  3. So, I'm looking for an S&P 500 index fund that is comprised of only vegan stocks. I'd settle for the an S&P 500 index fund with your 13 DNV stocks taken out. Any help on where I could find that?

    1. I don't know of any such fund currently. But if you find one, please let me know!