Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Confounded by conglomeration

One of my favorite ways to find investments is to look at the companies I regularly buy from. They are generally providing a product or service I like, and that's worth the money. It's especially fun to be an investor in such a company, because then I get this great feeling that I'm "buying from myself" to a degree.

However, if you've ever tried to look for the companies behind your favorite vegan brands in order to become an investor, you have no doubt run into the problem that everything is owned by just a few companies.

Obviously that's an overstatement. But let's take a few examples. Tom's of Maine sells toothpaste and the like. They have made a commitment to never use animal testing, and they wear PETA's seal of approval. Want to invest? Well, you'll have to buy Colgate-Palmolive stock. Until recently, Colgate-Palmolive used animal testing for their other products (however, now they are working to change the regulations that require animal testing).

How about some delicious vegan food options: Maranatha peanut butter, Westbrae natural vegetarian foods, and Garden of Eatin' tortilla chips (yum!). These are all owned by Hain Celestial, which also owns chicken and turkey subsidiaries.

There is still hope! Before you give up hope and buy stock in Burger King, consider a few alternatives:

  • Invest in a vegan-neutral sector. For example, computer software or industrial steel production. For every company that uses animals for profit, there are several that don't.
  • Invest in "vetted" companies. PETA maintains a database of cruelty-free companies, particularly in cosmetics/health/beauty/clothing.

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  1. British Vegan Footwear brand Beyond Skin are currently seeking investment to grow their brand in the US should anyone be interested!