Saturday, March 2, 2013

Survey: vegan diet trending in 2013

According to a national survey of 2800 adults, plant-based is going to be one of the top five consumer health trends for 2013:

Last year's rise of the flexitarians is foreshadowing a trend toward meatless eating and outright veganism, vegetarianism's older brother, the survey found. Consumers seeking exotic natural ingredients like jackfruit and quinoa have helped turn the tide, especially as increasingly popular Asian and Indian flavor profiles that turn their backs on animal products. The survey foresees the migration of herbivore-accommodating menus to mid-America from restaurants on both coasts next year.

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USDA agrees. In their report Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook they predict that Americans will eat 500 million fewer chickens and 400,000 fewer cows than they did in 2006. Of course, the million dollar question is, what will they be eating instead and who's best positioned to benefit from the shift?

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