Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The booming vegan industry

"everyone is getting in on it, from Chipotle to Starbucks to Subway"


  1. Could you please contact me through Facebook to discuss a guild? I really enjoyed this. The Fox person is someone I didn't like much. If this were my page, I would be calling her the vile names she deserves. I would have enjoyed it if Anne would have mentioned how animals are very sentient and nothing more than 3 year old children for the rest of their lives. How cows cry, how cows, pigs, sheep, etc are no different than dogs or cats, which are farm animals in other countries. Lol, this Fox chick is a moron, just like I was when I was a meat eater. I thought I heard a glimpse of reality hitting her when she mentioned how she would have fed a vegan at thanksgiving with a dead animal on the table. I highly doubt anyone even remotely vegan would be in the room with said carcass. Personally, I don't see much difference between molesting children and eating meat except, meat is the norm for the human societies.

  2. Oh, if she would have mentioned this or something like it.