Sunday, March 16, 2014

Go vegan. Russian Edition.

I have recently been contacted by an energetic entrepreneur who is opening the first vegan restaurant in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and is looking for investment to complete the project. This looks like an exciting opportunity to help bring healthy compassionate food to a part of the world which currently has very few options.

In her own words:
Yes, I'm very enthusiastic and I believe in idea of this project - I'm a vegan, and  this  affects to my world views, beliefs, morals. I'm glad to hear that you interested. At this moment I haven't commercial proposals for this project. Money that has been spent on rent, partial renovation place and design project, were borrowed from the bank, as a consumer credit for individuals. Cause banks in Russia is not willing to lend to start-ups. 
Can I tell you more about cafe of healthy food. Here, in Saint-Petersburg, I don't want to use "vegan cafe", cause in Russia people afraid this word. On the other hand, healthy food now is trend even in Russia. Healthy is a new sexy! It will be modern city cafe.In Saint-Petersburg we have several veg place, but all they are Ayurvedic, Indian food. In Saint-P can't find vegan confectioner, but if find (lucky strike) it contains rafinated sugar(!). At future cafe I decide don't use sugar, dairy product,gluten product(it's new in Russia). But pay more attention to raw cuisine, sprouts, clean nut and dry fruit( without chemicals), and clean water(use only reverse Osmosis filter).
All last week I visited various government institutions in order to find out whether there is a support for young Russian business. The answer was disappointing: no support for young entrepreneurs; But there are lending assistance program after three months of business. Simply put, after 3 months of operation government will give a credit for the replenishment of funds that spent to run the project.
This project is real thing that populate veganism and give to people a freedom of choosing-and I want to will be a part of it. And in Russia I haven't any commercial offer, cause they are not ready for this direction. I like this design too. Green wall is a new element of decoration in Russia. And I think, this design meets the idea of urban cafe with quality food, as I would like to move away from the current opinion in Russia that vegans are sectarians.
 What I can tell you more about project: location Saint-Petersburg, Nevsky street 148 - at the main historical street of town,very popular place for tourist,for walking of cause (it's really nice part of Saint-P). The 39 guest place+bike-delivery service. Also it will be more than cafe,it will be a place for enjoying, book-crossing; place of live dj-sets sound. 
Future for veganism! 
The entrepreneur, Yasha Sha, has experience working as a pastry chef in other vegetarian-friendly places in St Petersburg, and has conducted master classes in raw foods. She has already made good progress on the project, including securing the location and assembling a team of great chefs, welcoming waiters and good pr.

At this point she is seeking $50,000 in investment to carry the project to the finish line. The money will go towards buying kitchen equipment, finishing renovations, and a 2 month cash cushion. If you are an investor looking to change the world in a personal way (and earn a return while you're at it), or if you are local to the Saint Petersburg area and are willing to help diligence an investment, please contact me! I would love to see this dream become a reality.