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Animal friendly investment

Invest with a clear conscience.

Diversified investment portfolios that are continuously reviewed for vegan compliance and ESG criteria. Low fees and no front-end load.

Savings plans from 50 € per month /
Single payments from 500 € / No issue surcharges.

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The SRI (Summary Risk Indicator) is a standardized overall risk indicator. (1= low risk, 7= high risk)

Ongoing review of the portfolios for
vegan conformity

What does vegan compliant mean? maintains an open list of more than 1,100 food companies (including slaughterhouses, fish farmers, meat traders) and another 1,200 controversial companies (for example, arms manufacturers or oil producers). A filtering process is used to check whether these are in an investment fund. The lowest number of hits is targeted and the funds with the fewest no-goes are selected. If more than 10 No Goes are represented in a fund, this is sorted out automatically and does not fall into the investment universe of

By the way donates 3% of its profits annually to an animal protection or environmental organization.

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Do you know how your bank invests money?
A custody account is similar to an account, except that you decide where your money is invested and not the bank. You profit from the return, but you also have to bear the risk. In addition, it is often difficult to understand where banks invest money or to whom they give loans. There is no such thing as a 100% sustainable company, but there is a way for you to prevent your money from going to factory farming or weapons production.

Click here to go to the blog. Here you can find more articles about controversial investments and their profiteers.

How invests
The first criterion for all three portfolios is vegan compliance. With the exclusion of food companies and other controversial companies, the portfolios are subject to a strict filtering process. Should you still notice a company in the portfolio that does not “fit in”, simply send your suggestion for improvement to “” and your suggestion will be reviewed. Basically, the portfolios are also checked for ESG criteria (Environment, Social, Governance), which are recognized sustainable investment guidelines.

The second criterion is diversification. This means that investments are not only made in individual companies, but are spread across numerous companies. This reduces the risk. The higher the SRI (1=low risk, 7=high risk), the higher the risk but also the profit to be expected.

The third criterion is the positive expected return, although sustainability does not mean lower returns. In some cases, sustainability is even seen as a positive return indicator.